About Port East

A new community enterprise that produces and promotes events that advance culture, education, citizenship, community development, and local heritage in Bridport and the surrounding area.'

Port East is the result of a year-long pilot project, enabling the wider community to work with the worshipping community, utilising church buildings as part of local events and wealth building strategies.

We provide support for individuals to host their own events at the Bridport United Church, by providing marketing, technical support and linking them up to other members who are seeking to share and stengthen their skills.



Born out of the Stir To Action programme, ‘Unlocking the Next Economy - Churches and Enterprise’, 9 participants attended skills and knowledge building workshops, including business planning, legal models, branding and marketing and took study visits to other community business enterprises.



We have now formally registered Port East Ltd (Bridport) as a community benefit society with:

A board of directors - Jonny, Laura and Paul.

Two part time coordinators - Julie and Lloyd.

A team of volunteer organisers - Gill, Keith, Lizzie, Sue and Tom.


Who FOr?

As a Community Benefit Society, we are owned by all its members. All members hold shares and control the society democratically, on a one-member one-vote basis and the society must exist primarily for the benefit of the wider community, so profits must be used for the benefit of the community.